One day while talking with my six years old grand daughter Alisha, I realized the Value of “WHY?”

She asked me a question …  “Grandpa.. why you don’t live with me”    My mind as usual at the time was probably multitasking and I just gave her an answer that came to my mind. She obviously was not convinced by my answer and said WHY?


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4 Levels of Competency

Four Levels of Competency

Learned from     :      Kevin Trudeau

Level 1


A person is said to be Unconsciously Incompetent when he DON’T KNOW WHAT HE DON’T KNOW.   That means he is practically ZERO….  He DON’T KNOW SOMETHING… and on top of that He DON’T KNOW that He DON’T KNOW….  There is NO KNOWLEDGE and there is NO AWARENESS

Example… A person has never heard of or seen a bicycle.  He don’t know how it works.  He has never tried riding a bicycle.  He has no skills of bicycle riding and he is also not aware that he has no skills.  He just DON’T KNOW and he DON’T KNOW that he DON’t KNOW.

Level 2

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Motivational Prints In The Office


In today’s business environment, motivational art has quickly become the darling of entrepreneurs. Why? Simply because it works! In short, motivational art posters/prints are photographs or drawings that carry an inspirational message that corroborates the picture. Therefore, they make the perfect office wall décor. Not only do they add some esthetics to the room but surrounding yourself with motivational art will help inspire you and boost productivity.

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FAQ’s About Employee Motivation

The success of your business depends on the people who work for you. By working hard and exhibiting all their talents, your employees play a critical part in keeping your customers satisfied. This is where employee motivation is critical. It is the “bosses” responsibility to motivate employees which in turn will give them an overall better outlook on their job and will help them to strive to do their jobs to the best of their ability. One of the hardest and most important things that a boss can do is to keep good employees, not just manage them. Motivation is a key aspect in keeping employees happy and to creating a positive work environment.

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Maintain Your Motivation Working From Home

Working from home can get stressful. With all the distractions presented to you each day, you need an effective way to stay focused. When working online, it is difficult to always stay on task and not get sidetracked.

The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t can be summed up by one simple word. A.C.T.I.O.N. Use this acronym to motivate yourself to stay on top of your daily plan.

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Think Success and You Will Have Success



Those who fail, follow the laws of failure. Those who succeed, follow the laws of success. It is impossible to reach success with a scheme of failure thoughts in your mind. It’s impossible to have good health with a scheme of illness thoughts. Your behavior is directed by your thoughts. Thoughts of failure, disease, loneliness and fear push you into a behavior which leads you directly to fail, become ill, feel lonely and fearful! It is time to break the circle of negativity, by thinking positively and banishing those negative thoughts from your psyche.

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The Three Phases of Small Talk


Small talk basically consists of 3 phases: The Ice Breaker, Getting To Know You Better, and a Graceful Exit. In this article we will explore each phase and discuss some solid takeaway strategies that you can apply immediately for each phase of small talk. This information will prove extremely valuable for sales, networking, public relations and many phases of business relationships…

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